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In April 2000, Garstang in Lancashire declared itself ‘the Worlds first Fairtrade Town’. The campaign caught the imagination of local people, the interest of politicians, and made headlines across the North West. Most importantly, the campaign in Garstang inspired towns, cities, villages, islands, boroughs, counties, zones and regions across the country to make a collective commitment to Fairtrade and work towards Fairtrade status for their community.

A Fairtrade Town is a town, city, village, island, borough, county, zone or region that has made a commitment to supporting Fairtrade and using products with the FAIRTRADE Mark. Any area can work towards Fairtrade status and everyone needs to be involved!

Community organisations, faith groups, businesses, schools and individuals all contribute to making their area a Fairtrade Town by pledging to do what they can to support Fairtrade and promote the FAIRTRADE Mark.

Southwell's quest to achieve and maintain Fairtrade Town status has generated events such as a Fairtrade Fashion show and a presentation from a Fairtrade banana farmer, the production of a directory of local businesses selling or providing Fairtrade products and substantial support from the council.

To see a list of all the towns, villages, boroughs and zones that have achieved Fairtrade status, click here.

Our collective commitment to supporting Fairtrade continues as we find new ways to introduce people to Fairtrade products, share our understanding of the issues around trade justice and encourage businesses to extend the range of Fairtrade certified products available locally.  To see what we're planning next, have a look at the events page, drop us an e-mail, or better still, join the Steering Group!