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As part of Fairtrade Fortnight 2016 Southwell Fairtrade Town will be hosting a Fairtrade breakfast in the Library from 9am on Saturday 5th March.  For just £1 you can have something Fairtrade to eat and something Fairtrade to drink, and the tally will contribute to the national total of Fairtrade Breakfasts eaten in the UK during Fairtrade Fortnight this year.  So come along for Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, juice, fruit, Geobars, banana bread or toast and Fairtrade jam or honey.  See you there!

A chance to introduce some of the town's youngest folk to the benefits of Fairtrade in action, taste some yummy Fairtrade produce and have some fun!

By now we're very experienced with the Family Fun Day instant win game that we've become known for.  We had a number of people looking for us as we were in a slightly different position this year from previous years.  On offer were the usual array of chocolate, fruit, juice, teabags and wine etc but with more beauty products from Boots, cotton items including socks, cotton wool and some craft fabric, plenty of friendship bracelets, nuts and other snacks.  It was a successful day and we'd like to thank the local businesses who have shown us their support year after year, notably the Old Sweet Shop, The Coop, Boots, the Minster Refectory and Turnaround

This year we re-ran our Every One's a Winner instant win game.  Each participant paid 50p (or 3 goes for £1) to take a playing card.  They found the matching giant card on our table and won whatever was there.  We were supported by many local businesses including the Deli, The Minster Refectory, the Coop, Boots, Hen House, Turnaround and last but by no means least the Old Sweet Shop who gave us loads of chocolate!  Members of the Fairtrade Town Steering Group also scoured the internet and other local shops to find interesting and different Fairtrade items to be won, in order to showcase the breadth of Fairtrade certified products that are out there!  A really fun day for us all.

Our aim for this year's Family Fun Day on the Burgage was to try to show as many people as we could just how many great fair trade products are available these days.  We settled on the idea of an instant win mechanism, cunningly brought to life by new steering group member Brian Smith's Billiard Balls of Chance.  Each entrant picked two balls to give the number of a square on the table.  They won whatever was on that square, whether a banana or a bottle of wine, milk chocolate or mulled wine spices.  Do have a look at the pictures in the gallery to see just how many different things we managed to find.

Our thanks go to the many local businesses who donated prizes for the stall, without whose generosity the stall would have been both less interesting and less generous - The Hen House (sari lavender bags), the Coop (wine), The Old Sweet Shop (loads of chocolate!), Minster Cafe (sugar sachets), Boots (Toiletries), Old Theatre Deli (Coffee)

This year's Southwell Folk Festival provided us with a great opportunity to introduce both visitors and locals to the delights of Fairtrade shopping in Southwell.  With King Street heaving with people watching Morris dancers and all kinds of other sights and sounds, members of the Fairtrade Steering group were spotted wielding an inflatable banana and handing leaflets to everyone they could.  The leaflets featured a map of those shops selling Fairtrade items around the town and an invitation to support them - we hope they prospered.

The Fairtrade Steering Group shared display space with other green and Fairtrade initiatives at the Minster School for one lunchtime during their 'Green Week'.  We sold a range of snacking and other items from the Turnaround shop and were delighted to be sited adjacent to a stand highlighting the opportunity to regain Fairtrade status for the Minster school.  Good luck!

We had a fun session to introducing the website, including refreshments and some fair trade baking!  The recipes are all on the website here and were tried and tested by the mums and kids at Prebend Pre-school! 

Fair Trade Stall at the Southwell Family Fun DayFair trade was well represented at the Family Fun Day this year with a presence on not one but two stalls!

First and foremost was the stall organised by the Fairtrade Town Steering Group featuring a raffle for lots or fabulous Fairtrade products (and a wonderful-looking cake baked by Sylvia Turner from Fairtrade ingredients).  There were also plenty of Fairtrade items available to sample and to buy.  Many thanks for Jan from the Turnaround shop for providing some delicious cakes and biscuits to sample as well as lots of other items. 

In addition, we supported Southwell Pre-school's cake stall which was just next door.  We had visited the pre-school during the preceding days to sell Fairtrade certified cake ingredients and even baked a few yummies ourselves to help support their fundraising effort with some fair trade input.

Have a look at the photos page for more images of the day.

Our Fairtrade Trail encourged local people to explore the many different fair trade products available from our fantastically supportive local businesses.  Click here to see more details of the local businesses providing fair trade options.  Click here to see photos of the event itself.

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